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Who We Are

Derinsu is a highly specialized Underwater Engineering and Offshore Services company that provides services in Marine Survey, Marine Engineering, Marine Construction, Offshore Energy, Marine Environment and Subsea Defense and Security sectors.

Derinsu’s geotechnical, Oceanographic and Environmental Surveys and Professional Diving Services for underwater inspection, monitoring, construction support as well as providing engineering and design solutions for all marine and coastal structures.

Derinsu makes every effort to provide world quality service to its customers while strictly obeying health, safety and environmental rules. One of the main objectives is to provide engineering services requiring high technology and special expertise as a leader in Turkey.

Derinsu’s Quality Policy

Derinsu strives to be a leading company in the international arena of Advanced Underwater Engineering, Offshore and Near Shore Hydrography, Oceanography, Geophysical, Geotechnical Surveying, and Underwater Inspections while utilizing up to date technology Scientific Research Vessels and high skilled engineers. DERINSU implements and continiously improves an effective Quality Management System to comply with client requirements and company commitments to maintain highly satisfied customers, employees and all interested parties.

DERINSU’s Quality Policy targets following achievements:

  • Meeting or exceeding Customer needs and expectations for all the services requested providing high quality support,

  • Targeting fastest service delivery to minimize the delay time and providing “first time customer acceptance”,

  • Schedule variations/deviations is an issue that is be minimized and controlled. Therefore, it is monitored and corrective actions are taken immediately,

  • Providing highest employee satisfaction to all employees,

  • Utilizing up to date technology by attending international reputable exhibitions with showcases, presentations and technical papers of the latest technology products,

  • Utilizing high skilled engineers by attending at training programs about the services, equipments and software’s utilized by DERINSU,

Derinsu was founded in 1998, and has been involved in nearly all of Turkey’s major projects in the Marine Engineering sector such as MARMARAY Immersed Tunnel Project, NABUCCO Pipeline System Marmara Sea Crossing, and many other Port Development and Energy Projects.


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