ROV Operations

Remotely Operated Vehicles can be controlled by an operator from shore or marine vessel without the need for a diver or diving team. ROVs are equipped with various sensors and other equipment such as cathodic protection testing probes, claws, pipe or cable trackers, side scan sonars, multibeam echo sounders depending on the purpose of the survey. ROVs are divided into categories based on their size, weight, ability and power, such as inspection class, work class or trenching/burial ROVs. DERINSU can perform all kinds of ROV surveys upon request.

Advantages of ROV systems:

  • Low cost in comparison to diving surveys.
  • No risk for human (diver) life.
  • There is no time or depth limitations for ROV in comparison to divers contraints.
  • Provides ability to work under zero visibility and/or harsh conditions with sonar/camera systems.

Reference Project(s):

  • BOTAS Marmara Sea Natural Gas Pipeline Systems, Geophysical and Visual Inspection Services
  • Multibeam and ROV Inspection Survey up to 300 m depth (Cayeli Bakır İşletmeleri)
  • Yuvacık-Dam-ROV Inspection Survey
  • BTC Ceyhan Marine Terminal, Debris Clearance Survey Around Jetty with SSS, Bathymetry and ROV
  • BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Project, Ceyhan Marine Terminal Causeway Inspection ROV Services