Realtime Met-Ocean Monitoring

Researchers and Fore/Nowcasters require high-quality weather and marine data to study weather and/or marine conditions and to prepare forecast models. Longtime measurement is also crucial to confirm these created models. Real-time Met-Ocean monitoring creates the best basis for creating forecast models with longtime measurement capabilities and high-quality data. DERINSU provides full installation service and supply of Real-time Met-Ocean stations on shore or at sea with buoys. Our clients are able to monitor and log real-time conditions from any computer with the use of an internet connection.

Real-time parameters provided by DERINSU include:

Meteorological Parameters: Wind speed & direction, air pressure & temperature, relative humidity, visibility, sunshine duration, net atmospheric radiation, rainfall and etc.

Oceanographical Parameters: Water temperature, conductivity, salinity, current speed & direction, wave height, tide, water level and etc.

DERINSU is the local representative of Aanderaa Data Instruments (

Reference Project(s):

  • MARMARAY Immersed Tunnel Project Hydrological and Meteorological Survey Online Monitoring