Subsea Defense/Security

Derinsu provides turn-key engineering, consultancy, supply and installation of subsea sensors, equipment and top-end software for underwater security and defense projects.

Services include:

  • Installation and supply of high resolution sonars, Multibeam Echosounders, attitude and positioning sensors, including subsea positioning equipment and other Oceanographic parameters sensors. Complete installation includes the ancillary equipment, bucket, frame or pole designed and manufactured according the deployment method, such as AUV, Vessel, ROV or fixed location. Mobilization support, training and after-sale services can be provided for the complete equipment package.
  • Installation and supply of an online surveillance system.  Online surveillance systems for security purposes includes the installation of active and passive sonar systems and data broadcasting to a remote control center for real-time monitoring purposes. Selection of the appropriate technology and its ancillary sensors as well as precise engineering/installation are vital for the accuracy and reliability of the system. Derinsu provides consultancy on the selection of  sonar systems considering range, data resolution and coverage requirements as well as other factors. We also supply, provide installation of the equipment and test the operational system.