Numerical Modeling

DERINSU conducts both 3D Recirculation and Dilution Model analysis for Offshore Discharge systems of Power Plants, Factories & etc. and 2D Wave Model analysis for ports and harbors. The required data (Bathymetry, Ambient Water Temperature, CTD values, Current Measurements, Wind Wave characteristics, Meteorological Conditions, Discharge Quantities, Diffuser Ports and Intakes General Layout) shall be collected prior to the numerical modeling studies. After all data is analyzed and processed, it is used as input data for the three-dimensional hydrodynamic numerical model for the recirculation and dilution studies.

Related software we use are;

MIKE3 by DHI (3D hydrodynamic numerical modeling software)

MIKE21 BW by DHI (2D numerical wave modeling software for ports and harbors)

Reference Project(s):

  • Samsun-Terme CCPP Offshore Discharge Recirculation & Dilution Model for CW System
  • Samsun – Tekkeköy Combined Cycle Power Plant Water Intake and Discharge System Engineering Design and Offshore Discharge Recirculation & Dilution Studies Project